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 David Cameron praised by Al Gore

NewsDavid Cameron has been praised by former US Vice President Al Gore for the pioneering lead he has given to the campaign to combat climate change. Mr Gore said the Conservative Leader had played a key role in making Britain the "premier example" of a nation state actively engaged in the fight against global warming. 

Addressing a meeting of Shadow Ministers at the new environmentally-friendly Conservative Campaign Headquarters in central London, the international campaigner declared: "The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important. I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate."

 Posted by michaellunn on Saturday, March 17 @ 01:26:15 EST
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 Beyond climate change: David Cameron calls for ‘second front in green revoluti

Announcements“For the past year, we have been pressing the Government to go further and faster on climate change – both domestically and through leadership at the international level.
Our efforts are bearing fruit. 
This afternoon, the House of Commons will hear from the Prime Minister about last week’s EU agreement to cut carbon emissions by 20% by 2020. 
Tomorrow we see the publication of the Government’s Climate Change Bill.
These are welcome steps in the right direction. 
But let’s not celebrate too soon. 
We’ve had announcements like this before and they haven’t worked. 
We must make sure that the measures announced by the Government have real bite – that they’re not just greenwash. 
 That means passing five tests.

 Posted by michaellunn on Wednesday, March 14 @ 02:42:49 EST
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 Brown and Cameron battle over green air travel and phasing out old-style light b

NewsDavid Cameron and Gordon Brown yesterday engaged in an all-day battle to woo the increasingly critical green vote by outlining their rival programmes to tackle climate change and improve the environment.

Labour challenged the Tories over their plans to take unilateral UK action on carbon emissions from aviation by introducing a system of personal air mile allowances for travellers.

Mr Brown instead focused on the need for European and wider international action, as well as a drive to make all homes energy efficient in the next 10 years. He also pledged to phase out old-fashioned light bulbs by 2011, in line with an EU heads of government decision last week.

The Tories said Mr Brown was simply recycling policies he had first announced in a speech in March 1995.

 Posted by michaellunn on Wednesday, March 14 @ 02:38:01 EST
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 Q&A: The Carbon Trade


With climate change now an increasingly important concern for policy-makers, carbon trading is riding high on the agenda.

What is the idea behind carbon trading?
Carbon trading is a market mechanism that derives from the Kyoto Protocol as a means to tackle global warming.
Under the Kyoto treaty - which came into force in February 2005 - industrialised countries must reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by an average 5.2% compared with 1990 levels between 2008-2012. 

The most important greenhouse gas contributing to global warming is carbon dioxide, which is mainly emitted by burning fossil fuels.  Under Kyoto, each participating government has its own national target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Other reduction initiatives, (deriving from but not part of Kyoto), include company-based schemes, which also have specific targets.
The key idea behind carbon trading is that, from the planet's point of view, where carbon dioxide comes from is far less important than total amounts.

 Posted by michaellunn on Wednesday, April 26 @ 05:49:20 EST
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 Radical rethink of UK energy policy

Environmental campaigners at the University of East Anglia have criticised the Government's 2006 energy policy consultation document Our Energy Challenge.
In its official response sent to ministers next week, the UEA-based Community Carbon Reduction Programme (CRed) argues that the only way to make significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions is by embarking on a major drive to cut waste, reduce demand and increase focus on innovation and renewable energy.
A resource efficient economy based on distributed and local power generation would be far cheaper than building new generating capacity, particularly nuclear power. It would also be more secure and resilient to fossil fuel price and supply shocks.

 Posted by michaellunn on Wednesday, April 26 @ 05:14:30 EST
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